I yelled at my boss…again.

Last night, I think Frank Pallett pulled a prank on me. I went to the cemetery after work with Lynne because it was the second anniversary of her father’s passing. We then went to the next section of the cemetery, literally just down the dirt road, to visit Frank and Carolyn. It was just a few days past Frank’s birthday and my first time there since the funeral. My mind was flooded with so many memories- including my first night working at The Chance for Frank.

Tired and drained, I drove home from the cemetery to rest for a half an hour before heading to work…again- this time, at Daryl’s House, where I do security and drive a shuttle bus for overflow parking. Daryl’s House is a fantastic restaurant/music venue that is a byproduct of Daryl Hall’s (of Hall and Oates fame) acclaimed television show of the same name. Without a doubt, the number one question I get asked nearly every night, “Is Daryl coming tonight?”

Of course, I didn’t actually rest and I was still tired from the Plush record release concert in Albany the night before. The restaurant was filling up quick for a sold out show and I was working in the parking lot, which was now full, when a Jeep rolled in. I waved the driver down with my flashlight, as he nonchalantly waved back at me and proceded to drove right on by. He then unsuccessfully attempted to pull down the narrow space between the building and some parked cars, to the employee lot and then backed out when he realized there was no room to park. I waved my flashlight and threw up my arms, muttering to a customer at the door, “what the heck is this guy doing?” He then turned around and drove towards me in front of the building and rolled his window down and I sarcastically shouted, “So now you want to talk to me?” I asked him if he was here for the show and he very casually said, “No. I’m just picking up food. I’m Daryl.” Skeptical and concerned and a little in shock, I said, “Could you pull over to the window?” He said, “No. I’ll stay here.” That’s when I realized….ummm…this is Daryl. Hall. Daryl Hall. Not my boss, but THE boss. Sure, I’ve met him a few times, but tonight he was kind of incognito. Floppy hat. Scruffy beard. Glasses. Slightly worried that I may not have a job anymore, I started up a conversation. We chatted for a while about Covid, venturing out into the world again and his recent and future tours and then I went inside to check on his food. It was still being prepared, so I went back and told him the kitchen was very busy and it would be a few minutes and we talked some more.

As I walked back to the shuttle bus, I saw some people taking pictures with the big wooden Daryl statue, as they often do. Laughing, I jogged back to the Jeep and Daryl rolled down his window. I said, “Sorry man, I just had to tell you how ironic it is that people are taking pictures with wooden Daryl, while you’re sitting here forty feet away. He let out a big laugh and said, “I’m good with that. They can have wooden Daryl tonight.”

As I made my way back to the door again, I remembered that I saw Frank today, and thought about my first night at the Chance, when I yelled at him for opening the emergency exit door, without realizing who I was yelling at. I can’t help but think he had a little something to do with me yelling at my boss again.
Soon after, Daryl’s food was ready, I helped one of the girls bring the bags out and load up his Jeep and he headed home. On my way back to the front door, I approached a group taking pictures with wooden Daryl. “You want me to take one for you?” I asked, As they handed me their phone, I was debating on delivering the news… of course my evil side won. ”By the way, do you know who just left in that Jeep??”

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